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20th March 2019

Bentley Wood

Run across nine consecutive weeks, excluding school holidays,
this twilight programme is aimed at staff across all sectors,
and is always very popular.
Mindfulness is about directing our attention to focus on our
experience in the present moment. It trains us to respond in
a more skillful and more focused way to whatever is happening
right now: good or bad. It enables more effective learning, clearer
thinking and better performance.
This programme is designed
specifically for Educators.
The programme explores:
Waking up to Autopilot. Participants are encouraged to
notice how much of their lives are spent in autopilot and
not really noticing.
Bringing Curiosity to our Experience. Learning again how
to be curious and look at things with beginners’ eyes.
Mindfulness in Daily Life. Making mindfulness more
active and seeing how we can use it in daily life to notice
what is good.
Stepping Back and Noticing Interpretations. Coming
to realise how we interpret things isn’t always a true
reflection of the situation.
Exploring Difficulty: Building Resilience. Mindfulness
does not remove the difficult things from our lives but it
can help us relate to them in a healthier way.
Relating to Others and Ourselves. Assessing difficult
communication and understanding our position in ways
that can help us gain a greater perspective and therefore
we can relate to others and ourselves more effectively.
Developing Balance in our Lives. Understanding that we
have to do things in our lives that we don’t necessarily
enjoy or feel energised by but looking at developing a
better attitude towards those things and creating a better
balance with more energising things.
Mindfulness and the Rest of Your Life? Recapping all of
the learning from the course and supporting participants
in figuring out how mindfulness might be a more
permanent feature in their daily lives