Our Programmes

Professional Development & School Improvement  



1.1 Teaching Assistant Professional Development

This programme is made up of 6 twilight sessions. Each

session provides training in an area of SEN relevant to the

participating schools at the time of delivery. Past sessions

have included:

• Training in dyslexia

• Speech and language difficulties

• Behaviour management study skills

• Preparation for exams

• The role of the Teaching Assistant in the classroom.

Teaching Assistants also have the opportunity to share

good practice and deliver presentations on effective

interventions taking place in their own school across the

teaching school alliance.



 “I really like the fact that the course is adapted to the

training needs of the people on it. We can have an input

into what is covered.”


1.2 Ready to Teach

We provide training for graduate support members of

staff such as Teaching Assistants, subject technicians and

librarians who want to apply for the Schools Direct route

into teaching. The short day-time programme consists of

three workshops held at both Bentley Wood and Swiss

Cottage and is specifically designed to support School Direct applicants.

The optional longer programme consists of three extra workshops                                                    

 which focus on teaching skills.



1.3 Developing Yourself and Managing Others Programme

This is a dedicated professional learning opportunity for

all educational support staff, to reflect and develop their

professional skills and to share their experiences with staff

from other schools. There are 6-8 sessions at Park High

School during the school day. Topics include:

• Obstacles to efficiency

• Delegation and difficult conversations

• Management of change.

The programme has been developed in consultation with

staff and is led by educational support staff.


1.4 Senior Support Staff Leadership Programme

This programme is aimed at those already managing

business services in schools who aspire to a senior school

leadership role in a school or academy. The twilight

programme of 8 one and-a-half hour sessions, provides

an introduction to the range of business services that are

required by schools to function. It offers an understanding

into how these can be led and managed to best effect

to provide fully integrated support to schools. The

programme covers:

• Policy and leadership

• Financial management

• Capital and estate management

• Procurement


• Data Management and ICT

• Governance and Assurance Marketing


1.5 Ensuring Achievement in Linear Examinations Programme

This 6 part twilight programme provides knowledge and

strategies for ensuring our students achieve their best

over the long haul of linear examinations. Topics examined


• Planning our courses effectively

• Memory strategies for students (and teachers)

• The role of resilience and mindfulness for students

• Effective revision strategies

• Sustained enrichment and extension for the most able

• The importance of metacognition


1.6 Developing Great Teaching

Developing Great Teaching consists of 6 half -termly

sessions led by middle and senior leaders. The sessions

focus on pedagogy and developing outstanding teaching

using the latest evidence and research. The twilight

programme builds on a collaborative approach with the

learning developing over the year. Participants have the

opportunity to work across schools in the HCTSA often

grouped into subject expertise.

Developing Great Teaching Sessions cover:

• Metacognition; note taking and note making

• Exploratory talk and questioning

• Grouping and Afl

• Preparation for Pair/Triad Learning Observations (LOs)

• Feedback from 1st LOs and preparation for 2nd

• How has my teaching developed this year? How can it

develop further next year.

“Good to network with colleagues from different schools

and areas of London.”


1.7 English

In a time of increasing change at both primary and

secondary level is it still possible to teach writing in a way

that is deep, rigorous and enhances pupil enjoyment of the

writing process? The challenge is to understand how writing

is taught at primary, how writing is taught at secondary and

seek out a journey that teaches true writing. The programme

is delivered across 6-8 twilight sessions and covers:

The theory:

What is short narrative writing and how is it different

from what is currently taught in school?

The practice:

What is taught at primary?

What is taught at secondary?

What is good writing?


Resources you can use in your classroom tomorrow.




1.8 Mathematics

Developing a mastery approach to teaching mathematics at

KS3, 4,5. We work in partnership with St Marylebone TSA

who coordinate the Maths Hub for Central and North West

London: @MathsHubLdnCNW

The Maths Hub offers subject enhancement courses

for primary, secondary and college levels. Also Teacher

Research Groups (TRGs)in a number of areas including

Mastery and Core Maths and Shanghai Maths. Shanghai

Maths is mixed ability teaching which encourages students

to think, explore, investigate and reason mathematically.

Delivered across 6-8 twilight sessions.


1.9 Physics up to KS4 for Non-Specialists

This programme is designed for Chemistry or Biology

specialists who are teaching Physics at GCSE level. The

aim of the programme is for non-specialists to build their

confidence in the delivery of Physics at this level and to

develop the mathematical, conceptual , practical skills and

techniques necessary to communicate physics successfully

to students. Delivered across 6-8 twilight sessions.


EAL Programme

1.10 EAL Programme

This programme is new for 2017-18. It aims to keep

participants abreast of the most recent national

developments. The programme equips you with the specialist

knowledge that can be used in the classroom and consists

of 6-8 twilight sessions throughout the year, delivered by

visionary practitioners, expert in the field of EAL.

SEN Programme

1.11 SEN Programme

This programme is new for 2017-18 and provides

participants with successful whole school approaches

that equip them with the teaching and support strategies

to enable students to achieve their best. The sharing of

pedagogy tailored to meet the needs of students with SEN

will enable participants to develop their teaching expertise

and enhance their understanding of how to assess progress.

It consists of 6-8 twilight sessions throughout the year

delivered by visionary practitioners, expert in the field of

SEN. Participants will also be welcome to visit schools

across HCTSA who have particular expertise in SEN.

Literacy Programme

1.12 Literacy Programme

Our new literacy programme for 2017-2018 aims to

ensure schools are up-to-date and ready to respond to

changes and challenges regarding Literacy and learning.

The twilight programme will equip you with the specialist

knowledge required for you to build on in the classroom.

It consists of 6-8 twilight sessions throughout the

year. Delivered by visionary in their field. Delivered by

practitioners expert in their field.

Leadership Programmes

1.13 Women into Leadership Programme

This programme enables women who are aspiring to a

leadership role or early in their experience of leadership to

develop a range of skills to lead with confidence.

• One-to-one coaching

• Bespoke support with the application and interview

process, including a mock interview and feedback

• The opportunity to develop a range of leadership skills.

Delivered across 4 Saturday sessions including a Friday-

Saturday residential for session 3. This programme will

help you develop the confidence and skills to secure a

leadership position. The programme is for anyone who

wants to progress to a leadership position.


1.14 The National Award for Middle Leaders

HCTSA is a NAML licence holder and will deliver up to 5

SSAT accredited modules from the list below. The NAML

is cohesive and inspiring training for Middle Leaders to

fully equip them in their roles and responsibilities as the

main driver of school improvement. The 8 twilight session

program explores:

• Vision and values

• Developing your leadership approach

• Building a high performing team

• Leading your team day-to-day

• What makes the most effective teaching and


• Observation for improvement

• Using data for impact                                                                                                                                 

• Fostering positive data for learning



1.15 Aspiring Pastoral Middle Leadership Programme

For colleagues new or aspiring to a Middle Leadership

role in student support, for example Heads or Assistant

Heads of Year or House, who wish to develop their

understanding of effective pastoral leadership. The

programme focuses on: How to ensure student progress

and well-being

This includes:

• Leadership of a Year team

• Use of data and multi-agency work

The programme comprises of 6 one and a half-hour

twilight sessions.


1.16 First Steps to Curriculum Middle Leadership

For colleagues who have aspirations of curriculum Middle

Leadership and would like to develop their understanding

of the underlying principals of leadership as well as the

expectations and challenges of leadership within a school


The programme consists of: 6 one and a half-hour twilight

sessions and allows participants to explore current

education leadership theory reflecting their own practice.

1.17 Ready for Curriculum Middle Leadership

For colleagues who are new to or ready to take on a

curriculum Middle Leadership role. The programme provides

opportunities for participants to engage in dialogue with

colleagues, facilitated by experienced sen-ior leaders. Key

areas of middle leadership will be addressed such as:

• Curriculum planning

• Difficult conversations

• Leading and managing change and improvement

• Challenging and supporting staff

• Managing a departmental budget

• There is also a focus on preparing participants for the

recruitment and interview process.

The programme consists of 6 twilight sessions throughout the year.


1.18 Extend and Enhance your Leadership

and Management Programme

This programme is for existing HoFs, HoDs or other

middle leaders who wish to further develop their middle

leadership qualities and skills. The course consists of 6

twilight sessions. It explores:

• Effective influencing

• Leading Change and how to overcome barriers

• How to have a difficult conversation


• Data

• Three Assistant Heads speak of their leadership styles

and experiences.


1.19 Aspiring Senior Leadership Programme

For Middle Leaders who are one year to 18 months away

from senior leadership. Eight one and a half hour twilight

sessions plus a Friday evening to Saturday afternoon

Residential. The programme covers a variety of topics

as well as the recruitment process to Senior Leadership.

Areas covered are:

• Leadership and Management

• Inclusion

• Ofsted

• Finding it, applying for it, getting a senior leadership role

• Data and curriculum

• Appraisal and Accountability

• Residential focused on recruitment process for senior leader role.


1.20 New to Senior Leadership Programme

For colleagues new to Senior Leadership. There are

8 one and a half hour after twilight sessions plus a

Friday evening to Saturday afternoon Residential. The

programme includes:

• Being a new senior leader

• Managing stress

• Curriculum

• Leadership and leadership styles

• Finance and Funding

• HR

• Ofsted

• Senior Leadership one year on

• Regular reading and discussion

• Residential focused on self as senior leaderN


1.21 Aspiring to Deputy Headship Programme

For Assistant Headteachers who have the potential for, and

aspire to, Deputy Headship in the near future. Eight one

and a half hour twilight sessions plus a Friday evening to

Saturday afternoon Residential. Key components are:

• Differences between DHT & AHT

• Leadership

• HR

• Governance

• Finance and Funding

• Regular reading and discussion

• Residential focussed on DHT recruitment process



1.22 Aspiring to Headship Programme


For colleagues who have the potential for, and aspire to

Headship whether or not they have NPQH. 8 one and a

half hour twilight sessions The programme includes:

• 1:1 Partnerships with Headteachers

• HR

• Different types of school

• First 100 Days of Headship

• Finance & Funding

• How does a Headteacher bring staff together around a


• How Headteachers drive their schools forwards & take

into account staff wellbeing at the same time

• Current educational Landscape plus regular reading



1.23 Mindfulness

Aimed at staff across all sectors, this 8 session twilight

programme is always very popular. Mindfulness is about

training our attention to focus on our experience in the

present moment. It trains us to respond in a more skillful

and more focused way to whatever is happening right now:

good or bad. It enables more effective learning, clearer

thinking and better performance. This programme is designed

specifically for Educators. The programme explores:

Waking up to Autopilot. Participants are encouraged to

notice how much of their lives are spent in autopilot and

not really noticing.

Bringing Curiosity to our Experience. Learning again how

to be curious and look at things with beginners’ eyes.

Mindfulness in Daily Life. Making mindfulness more

active and seeing how we can use it in daily life to notice

what is good.

Stepping Back and Noticing Interpretations. Coming

to realise how we interpret things isn’t always a true

reflection of the situation.

Exploring Difficulty: Building Resilience. Mindfulness

does not remove the difficult things from our lives but it

can help is relate to them in a healthier way.

Relating to Others and Ourselves. Assessing difficult

communication and understanding our position in that can

help us gain a greater perspective and therefore we can

relate to others and ourselves more effectively.

Developing Balance in our Lives. Understanding that we

have to do things in our lives that we don’t necessarily

enjoy or feel energised by but looking at developing a

better attitude towards those things and creating a better

balance with more energising things.

Mindfulness and the Rest of Your Life? Recapping all of

the learning from the course and supporting participants

in figuring out how mindfulness might be a more permanent feature in their daily lives.



1.24 Timetabling

A twilight 3-part programme largely designed for

beginners to timetabling. The three sessions cover:

• The Leadership and management side of timetabling

• The Basics of Nova T6. Timetable design.

By the end of the course you will have had the opportunity

to design and build a timetable for a year group. More

experienced participants will have the opportunity to

network and share their timetable methodology.

Safeguarding Update Session

1.25 Safeguarding Update Session

Twilight Safeguarding session delivered by Bentley Wood

High School in conjunction with Social Services. Takes

place in Autumn term 2017 on a Wednesday evening –



1.26 Headteachers’ November Conference

A Thursday evening to Friday afternoon Residential in

November. This bespoke programme is designed with the

Headteachers who are attending the Residential.


1.27 Headteachers’ June Conference

A Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon Residential

in June. This bespoke programme is designed with the

Headteachers who are attending the Residential.


Sixth Form Reviews

New for 2017-2018, an opportunity for your Sixth Form to

receive support in strengthening its weaker areas and enhancing

best performing ones. Quality assured assessors visit schools on

request to help plan a programme of progress. Please contact

Abi Johnson of Howard Freed.

Safeguarding Reviews

We offer Safeguarding Reviews to all schools in the alliance.

Pupil Premium Review

We have a trained Pupil Premium Reviewer who is able to

carry out reviews as outlined by the DfE.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

HCTSA has a number of SLEs specializing in English, History,

Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Behaviour

and Discipline, SEN, Leadership of Curriculum, Initial Teacher

Training and Continuous Professional Development. Schools

can request deployment of an SLE to carry out a particular

piece of work. Please contact Howard Freed or Abi Johnson.

NLEs – National Leaders of Education

We have headteachers who are NLEs and work to support

other schools senior leadership teams.

MA Programmes

Two Masters in Education Programmes delivered in conjunction

with St Mary’s University, Twickenham:

MA in Leading Innovation and Change (LIAC) and MA in


MA in Leading Innovation and Change (LIAC)

Aims to develop evidence-based innovative eductional practice.

For teachers and other educational professionals at any stage

of their career. During the two year programme, participants

will develop a critical understanding of research methodology

as they plan and conduct a small-scale enquiry into an issue of

their choice.

MA in Pedagogy

With a variety of modes of delivery including face-to-face,

blended and online, The focus is on developing pedagogical

understanding as reflective practitioners. This MA will give

participants a wider understanding of key issues in the field of

education in which their practise is located.

Both MA programmes are taught on school premises fortnightly

as two-hourly twilight sessions.

Research and Development

Action Research Group

Action Research is carried out in a number of HCTSA schools.

We deliver sessions throughout the year to support colleagues.

Research underpins the professional development delivered

by HCTSA. We have a number of colleagues experienced in

research who contribute to the programmes.

National Professional Qualifications

We are hoping to be able to offer the newly constituted NPQs –

NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH. We will inform schools as soon as

we know if our application to run these programmes has been

successful. Please contact Howard Freed with any questions.

HCTSA Groups

• Curriculum Group

• Inclusion

• Cultural Diversity & Safeguarding

• Heads of 6th Group

• Subject Leader Groups

• Governance Steering Group

Coaching and Mentoring

1.28 Coaching

This is a twilight 6 to 8 week programme that addresses the

purpose of coaching and the difference between coaching and

mentoring. It looks at:

• Styles of coaching to enable participants to choose

appropriate models for their needs.

• Addresses how coaching can be applied in all areas of

school life; from coaching in leadership, to one-to-one

work with students.

1.29 Bespoke Coaching and Mentoring

HCTSA offers 1-1 coaching by quality assured coaching

from other NCTSA schools. Please contact Abi Johnson or

Howard Freed.

1.30 Secondments/Residencies

Secondments/Residencies between HCTSA schools aimed

at Senior or Middle Leaders. Please contact Abi Jonson or

Howard Freed.

Individual Support

This consists of:

• Individual Interview Preparation

• Mentoring

• Coaching

Please approach us for any of these services.

School to School Reviews

School to School reviews typically occur over one day with

a focus on a department/subject/theme. This could include

Safeguarding Reviews and Pupil Premium Reviews. Two

colleagues, quality assured from HCTSA schools, join a lead

colleague within a school to conduct a review and evaluation.                                                      

Please contact Abi Johnson or Howard Freed.