No More Marking


‘No More Marking’  - Demonstration and Training Seminar

Comparative Judgement versus traditional marking

On 21st February at Bentley Wood High School for Girls

With Assessment Specialist 

Daisy Christolodou

(Aimed at Middle and Senior Leaders)


The session was very well attended with participants from across the HCTSA partner schools.

Topics  included how does Comparative Judgement work and how to try it in your own school? There was a presentation, trials and debate.

Outline: The session explored how Comparative Judgement assesses work and how it differs from conventional marking. There was a sharing of a summary of results from recent large-scale national pilots. The afternoon also included an opportunity for every teacher to judge either a Year 4 or Year 10 piece of writing and there was live discussion on the judging.

Outcomes: Participants gained a basic understanding of how Comparative Judgement works in practice and how it contrasts with traditional forms of marking.

Colleagues left  equipped with new knowledge of what to do if comparative judgment is implemented at their school.