An opportunity to network with fellow teachers and support staff as an audience member or to collaborate and share a great teaching and learning approach in a six minute or two minute presentation.

The next Teachmeet is on Thursday 11th June 4.30-7.30pm at Nower Hill High School.  It will have a focus on the use of technology in the classroom.


Bentley Wood High School hosted Teachmeet Bentley on Thursday 15th January 2015

What is a Teachmeet?

• A Teachmeet is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and learning.

• Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations.

• Education professionals from all sectors are welcome to take part.

• The main aim of a Teachmeet is hearing stories about learning, from teachers.

• This is not an event to present about a product or theory - this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other. Real narratives of practice that make a difference.

• It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and a whole bucket load of networking to boot!