Some quotes for the Teaching Assistant Professional Development course this year:

 ‘It was really useful to learn more about dyslexia and hear some ideas of how we can help children.’


 ‘I really like the fact that the course is adapted to the training needs of the people on it. We can have an input into what is covered.’


Feedback on the interview/ presentation very useful.

Interviews were valuable.The actual interview was useful and helped to anticipate future interview questions/techniques to use in the future.The combination of interview, presentation and role play.The residential was a fantastic opportunity to network and learn from others.Interview feedback very constructive and felt I knew exactly what I needed to do to improve.Presentation was a good and fun way of analysing data and becoming more familiar with the RaiseOnline.Well organised.Supportive.Some very useful feedback from specific facilitators.Great to have the experience of what it might be like to interview for an Assistant Head post in a safe and friendly environment.  I feel I have learnt a lot which I’m glad I learnt ‘practising’ rather than at an actual interview.Excellent day today – feel really positive about moving forward.Feedback for sessions was very informative; supportive critique at interview/presentation/group.Good to have different leaders for each session as they gave a range of feedback.Range of activities were practical.

Feedback given was good.

Very good residential course with excellent feedback.Excellent feedback from interview – really useful.RaiseOnline – good preparation for SLT/whole school role.