Current Research

Evidenced Based Research

Schools across Harrow Collegiate Teaching School Alliance carry out action research within their schools. Two schools, Bentley Wood and Whitmore offer honorariums for teaching and support staff to carry out research on areas of whole school improvement which have been identified as priorities for that year.

Colleagues are supported with a briefing session and articles outlining the benefits of action research in education. During the year colleagues meet with their mentor to share their developments. In early July an open twilight session is held where colleagues share their research findings. For the first time in 2014 Whitmore and Bentley Wood joined together developing the model of action research being shared across the alliance.

Current Research

We have a number of models of research and development. 2 schools are involved in national research on Closing the Gap and Growth Mind-sets. 2 schools have honorarium systems whereby teachers and support staff apply to carry our Action Research in remuneration for £1500 per project. 2 schools are involved in research on feedback to students. We work closely with Brunel, Kings and Middlesex Universities and the IOE. Any of our subscribers can receive support with leading a research initiative.

Closing the Gap Research

This Closing the Gap project at Bentley Wood High School is part of the NCTL Closing the Gap: Test and Learn initiative. J Gunzi is the Trial Co-ordinator for HCTSA, as well as the Trial Site School Champion. At Bentley Wood we have opted to trial the Response to Intervention (RTI) designed by CUREE. This intervention is a 6 week class-based literacy intervention which can be delivered in any curriculum subject. Two year 7 Geography classes, taught by one of our Innovative Leaders, were selected for the trial. The results of the research show how the targeted girls have closed their literacy gap compared to their peers nationally and within school. The intervention strategies were delivered over a six week period, confirming that short classroom based interventions are the effective way to close any achievement gaps.

The Research is now being rolled out to other schools within the HCSTA.