HCTSA R & D 2016

Following the recent Research and Development event held at Bentley Wood High School, please click below to view the various Honorarium posters on display. The diversity of presentations illustrate the breadth  of research going on in Harrow schools.

The impact of Growth Mindset interventions on students in different key stages

How to embed academic literacy and improve literacy provision across Key Stage 3

Academic Literacy can be improved across the school through a School Improvement Group

Developing Cultural Capital: “What are the benefits of students developing an understanding of culture, society and the world around them, beyond the school curriculum?”

Investigating and sharing strategies that improve casually admitted EAL students’ access to the mainstream curriculum

E-Safety: The use & sharing of inappropriate media amongst young people 

Using video for self-reflection and evaluation as a tool for successful development and progression in third year teachers 

Utilising Effective Revision Skills at Key Stage 4 and 5

Does teaching sentence-level grammar explicitly produce significantly different results, when a direct-instructional approach is compared to a pupil-led approach in Years 7 and 8?

What factors have been identified as barriers that contribute to underachievement of Black and Black and White Caribbean Students?

Does the learning of Latin support the development of academic literacy skills in English?

Investigating the impact of mixed ability teaching on Year 7’s level of achievement

Developing more effective study habits and motivation to support the progress of PP MATs at KS3

What are the effects of engaging students with cultural capital on aspirations?

Developing higher level thinking skills through Cognitive Acceleration

Revision Strategies to Raise Attainment

Raising the achievement of White British pupils compared to Non White British pupils with a particular focus on Improved Literacy, Parental Engagement and targeted support